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Community IATA CEIV roll out and training program

November 6, 2023
Community IATA CEIV roll out and training program image

The International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma) certification is a vital opportunity for San Juan Airport to be recognized globally for its remarkable quality in the handling of raw materials, finished products, improvement of services, employee development, and the development of internal and external communications.

Puerto Rico’s Industry University Research Center (INDUNIV) has been leading our efforts to achieve this certification and identified nine companies to participate in our first wave of training.  They are currently going through the audit program after training.

For this certification to go through, companies operating at the airport must be CEIV-certified by IATA.


Mastering pharma airfreight

The Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) Training and Certification is a program developed by IATA.

It is designed to ensure the safe and secure transportation of sensitive and valuable cargo, such as pharmaceuticals.

The CEIV certification involves a thorough assessment of a company’s processes, infrastructure, and compliance with international standards to guarantee the integrity of the transported cargo.


Offering training to PR Community members

Eight companies in Puerto Rico are in the process of obtaining the CEIV Pharma Cold Chain Certification.

The certification is being sponsored by the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC)and managed by the Industry University Research Center (INDUNIV), the PR conglomerate of Life Sciences, with IATA.

Companies that are currently undergoing certification include:

  • GMD
  • Prime Air
  • CBX
  • ETH
  • Expeditors
  • Cesar Castillo
  • Isla Frio
  • American Airlines

FedEx in Puerto Rico has also asked to be included in the program.


The process of CEIV certification 

Each stage of the certification process is monitored and conducted by experienced IATA CEIV pharmaceutical experts for the benefit of the participating companies.

These companies then assign a minimum of four employees to participate in the following steps:

  • Preparation
  • Training
  • Assessment
  • Validation
  • Certification

Once the training and audits are completed the company will receive the Certification and can use the CEIV Pharma Seal to certify excellence in managing the Pharma Cold Chain.


Where are we currently?

We are well underway with the CEIV process across the community.

INDUNIV, with IATA, has already completed all contracting, pre-work, training, and first assessments.

Companies with observations are proceeding with respective corrections, and the final validations are being scheduled with all the companies that completed the first audit observations without required corrections.

The companies have one year to complete corrective work and become certified.

We expect that the majority of the nine companies partaking will be certified by the end of the year.


The response

We have received very positive responses from the companies that have joined the CEIV certification program.

Although there is much still to do, there have already been some strong, and sometimes surprising, learnings.

“I learned from the CEIV trainer that not every excursion should be reported on,” said Phillip Nelson, GMD Handler, San Juan Airport, for example.

“It is only necessary to report on excursions below a certain threshold. This advice has saved us many operational hours.”


IATA’s insight into CEIV

“An organization that decides to undergo the certification recognizes that the CEIV programs are a key differentiator, allowing them to highlight the additional effort they have taken to improve their service quality and, more importantly, enhance the experience for their customers,” IATA explains.

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the challenges that the industry faces surrounding the capability of organizations to adapt rapidly to developing situations.

It has also highlighted the necessity of having globally aligned and harmonized standards when transporting pharmaceuticals.

“Being part of such a program will come as a significant advantage for building confidence and trust in a collaborative environment, where the integrity of such sensitive products must be maintained throughout the handling and transportation journey.”

To find out how to join the program, click here.

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