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Warehouse and trucker assessments – collecting and curating valuable data for our directories

November 6, 2023
Warehouse and trucker assessments – collecting and curating valuable data for our directories image
Over the last two months, a team headed by. our senior advisor Jonas Van Stekelenburg, has been visiting companies across the island to capture their data and gain insight into how we can work with them to improve the quality of life science logistics in Puerto Rico.

We have embarked on a survey of warehousing facilities and truckers with truck and trace facilities in order to build an accurate picture of what Puerto Rico can provide for Life Sciences and build searchable directories to help connect companies.

A community team has identified around 30 trucker and warehouse operators and started on a series of visits to gather the information. We have been met with a positive response, but there is still plenty to do.

During the visits we identified the following useful observations:

Specialist vs general

Both trucking and warehouse providers are either specialised, or general operators and either outsource non core activities or cooperate with like-minded providers.


Generalist companies

On the other hand, we have also seen companies that have more than one type of operation, such as the company CBX Global, a global warehouse and trucking company that – amongst others – has operations in Carolina and Aguadilla in Puerto Rico and is also operating abroad. Other companies we visited that do both trucking and warehousing are Crowley Logistics in Guaynabo; Islandwide located in the Metro Park area; and OM Transport, which is located in Carolina.

Some do warehousing and forwarding, such as Airgroup in the SJU cargo area, and PR Logistics, which does warehousing, transportation, trucking and freight forwarding, operating in Cataño.


Companies that do warehousing to support their main business

Besides specialist and generalist companies, we have seen companies that have a business supported by a warehouse operation. This warehouse can only be used if the main business is contracted by customers. Companies in this category that we visited include: the SJU general airport handler GMD, and airlines Amerijet, American Airlines, and Delta Cargo, all of which do self handling at SJU airport.


Companies that offer every service in the supply chain

Some companies we visited offer services for every step in the air cargo supply chain. These include the big integrators DHL, FedEx, and UPS, but these also include the forwarders Nippon Express in Carolina and Lynden Logistics in Ceramica Carolina.


Not everybody is yet keen to share information

Everybody we visited was enthusiastic, but not everyone was willing to share the information we asked, or said they were willing to but have not yet provided the information. We think it’s possible that not everybody knows what we want to do with the information, and/or they do not wish all information to end up in the wrong hands. For the community, this is a challenge to overcome. The best way to overcome this is to talk transparently about our plans and to show how we will use companies’ information on the website and in other areas.


Identifying specialist life sciences warehouse capacity is not always easy

Our last observation was that even if parties are willing to provide us with details of their operations, it is still not always clear what part of the warehouse is committed within contracts and blocked for new customers. So, the question around spare capacity of warehouses in Puerto Rico is a difficult one to answer.


Next steps

We are working to answer the question of what the spare capacity of warehouses in Puerto Rico is, and we still want to have a list of all the capabilities of the trucker on the island. We have not yet visited all airfreight operators in Puerto Rico. We would very much like to visit all remaining operators in order to gather more detail. Please contact us for this at

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