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Community news and other updates

November 6, 2023
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The DDEC, along with members of the Puerto Rico Life Sciences Air Cargo Community, recently hosted a roundtable to discuss a number of initiatives.

Since the creation of the Puerto Rico Life Sciences Air Cargo Community, the objective has remained the same:

To turn Puerto Rico into the best-quality air cargo centers in America. As the project has progressed, we have identified areas for improvement of which we have developed different initiatives depending on the priority and value they have.

Today the initiatives that have taken priority to our ongoing project include:

  • Air Cargo Community development
  • Rotate’s Capacity and Demand Data Bases for Puerto Rico
  • Improvements to the quality of shipments
  • Providing valuable data to all organizations that are a part of this industry
  • Increasing the presence of clean and cold storage facilities in air logistics


Air Cargo Community

Establishing a community of members across all logistics services in Puerto Rico was one of the first initiatives.

These would include airlines, freight forwarders, brokers, warehouses, truckers, manufacturing companies from the pharmaceutical industry, and medical devices.

The purpose of creating this community is to solve problems identified in the industry.

The Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC) has been reaching out to several key people in this industry and coordinating meetings to discuss this effort and receive suggestions.

To date, the community has met twice with an additional board representing the different sectors of the community.

The future goal is for this independent board to lead the community without the DDEC’s oversight and for the community to become a self-sustaining union.

More companies have been joining the community and we hope to continue such growth well into the future.


Improving the quality of cargo shipments

We have detailed above the CEIV efforts, and the ambition to have further quality workshops. The certification is on its way, and we will announce in the coming months the CEIV certificates honored to companies.

The community has the ambition to further strengthen the quality of Puerto Rico airfreight.


The DDEC announces initiatives to strengthen the air cargo sector

The DDEC, along with a group of members of the Puerto Rico Air Cargo Community, held a roundtable discussion to announce the above initiatives on September 22nd, 2023.

These are aligned to strengthen Puerto Rico’s competitiveness in its productive capacity and aid in positioning Puerto Rico as the main hub for air cargo and logistics in the region.


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