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Terms and Conditions

Puerto Rico Life Science Air Cargo Community

Who are we?

1. We are the Puerto Rico Life Science Air Cargo Community (hereinafter: “Community”). Our website is www.


2. Every Puerto Rico based company operating in the Life Science and/or Airfreight Industry can participate in the Community meetings, make use of the website and the information gathered, participate in Community projects, see the Rotate data tool and see the contact details of other members. To participate a Puerto Rico based company has to

  • a) write a request to participate in the Puerto Rico Life Science Air Cargo Community, and
  • b) state that they will adhere to these Terms and Conditions of the Puerto Rico Life Science Air Cargo Community.


3. The scope of activities of the Community is:

  • to improve the overall quality of airfreight related operations in Puerto Rico by adopting best practices and by striving towards a standardized way of operating,
  • to represent and lobby on behalf of the airfreight Community towards airports and authorities (CPB, TSA etc) regarding operational interests, and standardization interests of the community,
  • to inform and do international marketing about Puerto Rico’s (Life Science) airfreight operations.

No costs unless agreed

4. There is no obligation to pay for costs and/or to be obliged to do anything for the Community unless explicitly agreed by a participant.

5. First year costs of the Community and the projects executed are sponsored by a few participants.

Community consisting out of industry sectors

6. The Community exist out of the following “sectors”:

  • a) Airports
  • b) Airlines / General Sales & Service Agents (“GSSA’s”)
  • c) Handlers
  • d) Forwarders / integrators
  • e) Warehouse operators
  • f) Truckers
  • g) Pharmaceutical companies
  • h) Medical device companies
  • i) Other: branch organizations etc

7. The Community will convene at least 2 times per year in collective community meetings, and these are organized by the Board.


8. The participants will choose for one year which company / companies will represent their sector in the Board of the Community (hereinafter: “Board”).

9. The Board will meet at least 2 times per year and will then discuss and decide on all topics relevant for the Community.

10. The Board will communicate on behalf of the Community and will lobby on behalf of the Community on agreed (operational and standardization) topics.

Non-competition law

11. Participants should refrain from (whether express or implied) any agreement that is intended to, or in operation is likely to, induce participants or their suppliers or agents to engage in collective anticompetitive behavior, or collectively to punish any business enterprise for its exercise of independent business judgment.